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The Jacob Hoskin's brand is dynamic, cultured, bold, spiritual, and cinematic.

The primary logo is composed of a rectangle with a radial blur representing honesty, solidarity, and stability while also adding a level of specificity to what is seen as a generic shape. Embedded in the blur is a modernized rendition of the Mi'kmaq symbol for “we” or “us”.

The use of Mi'kmaq hieroglyphics nods back to Jacob's Indigenous roots and imbues the brand value of community into the visual system.

This reinforces Jacob’s mission to treat his listeners as family and supports his advocacy intentions.


Design by FISK

Creative Direction by Atelier Oluwatosin

The Black in Design Conference, organized by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design African American Student Union recognizes the contributions of the African diaspora to the design fields and promotes discourse around the agency of the design profession to address and dismantle institutional barriers.

At the Atelier, we worked on brand strategy, marketing, creative direction, and messaging for the 2021 conference, Black Matter.

Bi Nka Bi_black.png

Cultural, contemporary, and classy, Bi Nka Bi Teas is a luxury organic tea brand.


This concept uses a drip as a device to create shapes and forms. Design elements incorporating sensual curves become part of the visual identity system. The custom wordmark is detailed and unique but uses a minimalist sans serif font as a base.


Althea Branton is a skincare brand on a mission to aid Black & Brown skin to thrive in all its glamour. The logo is an expression of the Althea Branton brand — timeless and infinite. It represents a range of intersectional experiences.

Mockup 4.png

Aware, sensual, and exuberant, About the Bra is an empowering brand that creates space for people to feel beautiful. This message is what we aimed to illustrate through this visual identity.


The client had purchased a lingerie company whose existing branding did not speak her language. With a desire to boldly empower women, scale her business she came to the Atelier to rebrand.


Kemi O is an interior designer committed to bringing luxurious visions to life through a combination of passion, dedication, and skillful spatial design.

As branding specialists, our goal for Kemi O Interior Design was to create something modern, classy and eclectic. This intention matches Kemi's design ethos to create a unique interior design experience that you can't find anywhere else.

Pleated Fabric

House of Saesah is an online clothing boutique with the intention to provide quality South Asian garments and jewellery in the West, celebrating people, place and beauty.


For this project, we curated a wonderfully sophisticated yet playful brand.

Vocalist Logo_Black-07.png

The Vocalist is an online signing course, with a mission to empower its students with the tools to express themselves through music, beautifully, joyfully and skillfully.

The goal for this project was a bright, summery brand that maintained the classic design style and timelessness that we are committed to in our work.

be14 .jpg

This project was a full branding overhaul for a local BC cakery. We went for a feminine aesthetic to appeal to the client's target clientele. We covered everything: from social media graphics to luxurious business cards, and a gorgeous website that streamlines the cakery's ordering process.


This project included the design of a logo created for a UK nonprofit called Black Women in Law.


The design elements used symbolize ambition, wealth, and power. The interwoven curves and elaborate typography are reminiscent of the grace, sophistication.


In this project, we worked with a development group to create a timeless logo and a set of marketing materials for their new project. The result was a visual representation of their business philosophy of Kaizen: constant improvement and positive change. The colours, font, and mark were are carefully designed and chosen in order to convey a responsible brand.

This client needed to reimagine the brand for their real estate company.


The ask was a versatile logo that would emit sophistication and luxury. Our intention was to attract home buyers with a stunning design to pair with RP Homes' wonderful business practices.


An upcoming sexual wellness store on the East Coast of Canada reached out to us requesting an evolving logo for their new business. Prude values empowerment and freedom. The ask was an edgy and evolving wordmark with a bit of innuendo.

This classic logo was created for a client that needed a versatile logo for their new material sales business. 


We designed this modern and minimalist mark for a client who needed a scalable logo for their boutique new consulting firm. 

Leigh Final Logo Spread-06.png

Inspired by the boldness in allowing oneself to be understated, Leigh Jewellery finds the intersection between peculiarity and classic simplicity. This mission is what we aimed to capture in the Leigh visual identity.


A local Albertan florist, Al Frache's Flowers decided to work with us on creating a crisp and minimalist brand identity. The simple lines do not distract, and let the flowers do the talking.

For this brand, a sophisticated, minimalist, pragmatic design was requested. We designed a logo for this clinic and were able to apply it to vastly different applications: from stamps to storefront signage. 

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