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Rebranding Lindsey Crowley Interiors

An intentional and adaptable visual brand identity for a New England interior design firm.

A pile of white, minimalist debossed business cards

For Lindsey Crowley Interiors, the challenge was to craft a contemporary logo and visual identity that could gracefully evolve alongside the brand's expansion, fostering a sense of legitimacy across both digital and traditional channels. It was crucial to establish a cohesive online presence that reaffirmed the brand's ethos and mission, providing a centralized hub for clients to connect with Lindsey's expertise and vision.

Drawing inspiration from the existing logo, we sought to refine and enhance the brand identity while maintaining its core essence. Our goal was to create a visual representation that effectively communicates Lindsey's mastery of interior design and resonates with her target audience of young families seeking timeless, liveable, and beautiful homes.

To ensure alignment with Lindsey's brand aspirations, we embarked on a deep exploration of her brand essence, answering four fundamental questions:

What: Lindsey Crowley Interiors transforms mundane houses into cherished homes, guided by a commitment to creating comfortable and beloved spaces.

Who: We cater to young families who aspire to invest in timeless, livable, and aesthetically pleasing homes with joy and enthusiasm.

How: Our elevated taste in decor is powered by insider knowledge and connections, complemented by the empathy of a working mom who intimately understands the needs of her clients.

Why: We believe that our clients deserve homes that gracefully endure the joyful chaos of childhood while maintaining their beauty and curated ambiance. Our designs cater to both parents' enjoyment when their children are away and children's comfort and playfulness.

By delving into the heart of Lindsey Crowley Interiors, we aim to craft a logo and visual identity that embody her brand's essence, ensuring that her vision remains as timeless as the spaces she creates.

Before embarking on the conceptualization and designing, it was imperative to grasp Lindsey Crowley Interiors' positioning within the market landscape. We delved into market research, examining the New England interior design realm and scrutinizing competitors' strengths, audience demographics, aesthetics, brand personality, and competitive advantages. This meticulous analysis unearthed a market gap, enabling us to effectively position LCi amidst the existing market conditions.

Following the market research and positioning analysis, we focused on specific aesthetic targets aligned with LCi's newly established position in the New England market. At this juncture, mood boards emerged as a pivotal tool, allowing us to experiment with diverse visual aesthetics that resonate with Lindsey's target audience.

While crafting a visual brand unveils endless possibilities, specific considerations and constraints must be addressed, especially when expanding an existing brand identity. In this project, we adhered to the following guidelines:

  • Preserve the essence of the existing "LCi" mark in at least one logo iteration.

  • Employ a harmonious colour palette that translates seamlessly from print to web.

  • Explore the incorporation of hunter green into the colour palette.

  • Select at least one widely available web font to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, communications, and portals.

Upon reaching this juncture, we were poised to present Lindsey with three distinct logo concepts, each crafted with the insights gleaned from our thorough research and discovery phases. Our designs encompassed two fundamental themes:

  • Interlaced letters forming a monogram, a timeless logo strategy that exudes elegance and enduring appeal.

  • Capturing the essence of effortless sophistication and creative flair through geometric forms delicately interwoven with intricate line work.

Logo Directions A, B, and C

These thematic pillars served as the foundation for three distinct logo concepts, each embodying a unique yet familiar aesthetic:

  • Direction A: The Resolute - A bold, confident logo that conveys strength and unwavering commitment to excellence. A reworking of the existing LCi logo.

  • Direction B: The Romantic - A whimsical and inviting logo that evokes a sense of timeless elegance and understated luxury.

  • Direction C: The Refined - A sophisticated and timeless logo that embodies a blend of elegance, simplicity, and effortless grace.

Following careful consideration and design refinement, we unanimously selected Direction C: The Refined as the foundation for Lindsey Crowley Interiors' new brand identity. This decision set the stage for the development of a cohesive brand atmosphere encompassing four distinct yet complementary visual styles:

  • The Organic & Classic - A harmonious blend of natural elements, classic elegance, and harmonious colour palettes.

  • The Minimalist & Warm - A serene and understated aesthetic characterized by clean lines, soft textures, and a palette of muted tones.

  • The Editorial - A sophisticated and curated style reminiscent of high-end publications, featuring elegant typography, minimalist imagery, and a touch of understated luxury.

  • The Traditional - A timeless and timeless aesthetic that harkens back to the golden age of interior design, with rich textures, classic motifs, and a palette of warm, inviting colours.

Ultimately, we combined the best elements of each direction, creating a refined and classy brand identity with an organic touch.

With this direction firmly established, we embarked on the creation of LCi's brand collateral, encompassing a range of essential elements:

  • Elegant business cards that exude professionalism and refinement.

  • Adaptable Canva templates that empower Lindsey to create captivating marketing materials with ease.

  • Impeccable letterheads that convey a sense of trust and expertise.

  • Sophisticated note cards that serve as a thoughtful touch for clients.

  • A beautiful website for her clients to connect with her knowledge.

Linsdey Crowley Interiors website animation.
Website animation showing an interactive project case-study page.

By seamlessly integrating the refined logo design and the chosen brand atmosphere into these collateral elements, we crafted a cohesive brand identity that effectively represents Lindsey Crowley Interiors' essence and aligns with her aspirations. This comprehensive rebranding endeavour has undoubtedly propelled LCi towards a future of continued growth and success.

Project Credits

Brand Strategy: Atelier Oluwatosin

Brand Identity Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Print Collateral Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Web Design & Development: Atelier Oluwatosin

Atelier Oluwatosin Team: Tosin Odugbemi, Anjay Seabrook

Print Shop: Letterpress de Paris

Brand Photography: Elizabeth Joy Sanders

Typefaces: Freight Display Pro by Joshua Darden, Bigilla by Jérémie Gauthier

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