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Conference Branding

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Branding the Africa Health Conference, Presented by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Invitation mockup for Harvard Africa Health Conference. Red envelope with rubber stamp. Invitation with gold circles.

Born out of a desire to explore the complex and unique state of African healthcare properly, the Africa Health Conference seeks to create a space of inclusion, ambition and innovation. We worked closely with the team from Harvard to determine the thematic tones they would like to communicate through the event’s visuals.

The branding references the existing Harvard Chan Africa Health Students Forum logo by prominently featuring dots and other circular elements. In this case, we inverted the circular characteristics previously used in the Forum's logo and encircled the African continent inside a single large dot.

Circles represent unity and protection when used as borders and frames, as in this logo. The basic tenets of optics tell us that the human eye instinctively follows lines. As a circle is a line that never ends, this graphic represents both movement and wholeness and invites the viewer into its inherent completeness. The logo intentionally slips part of the African silhouette outside the circle to indicate that the conference will be a productive disrupter of the current healthcare conversations in Africa.

Harvard Africa Health Conference logo animation.
Harvard Africa Health Conference promotional posters.

Project Credits

Brand Identity Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Motion Graphics: Atelier Oluwatosin

Atelier Oluwatosin Team: Tosin Odugbemi, Anjay Seabrook, Jacob Hoskins

Typeface: Mr Eaves Sans

Are you interested in a bespoke visual identity for your next event? Reach out to us at Let's discuss how we can work together to create something beautiful.

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