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People, Place, Beauty, and Fashion

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Branding An Online Clothing Boutique

House of Saesah logo overlaid a video of a woman in white posing her hands.

House of Saesah is an online clothing boutique with a mission to provide quality South Asian garments and jewellery in the west, celebrating people, place and beauty.

House of Saesah logo in white overlaid on red fabric.

For this project, we curated a wonderfully sophisticated yet playful brand. The logo is symbolic of all that House of Saesah is. Saesah is cheerful, cultural, and lovely. This visual is reminiscent of a heart, embodying the sincerity of the brand. The mark above the mirrored S’s nods to South Asian roots while maintaining a contemporary ambiance, making for an absolutely timeless mark. Browse through the creation below.

House of Saesah logo in purple on a product tag.
House of Saesah brand book spread.

Would you like to create a stunning, sophisticated playful brand? Reach out. Let's make something wonderful!

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