Behind the Black Women in Law Logo

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Black Women in Law is a UK nonprofit that strives to empower Black women in the Law field. My role in this project included the design of a logo created for the nonprofit.

My process included mood-boarding, ideation, and then creation. Take a look at the mood board that I created after I was hired for the project. Showing this and getting feedback confirmed that the vibe I was envisioning was on track with the client's vision.

From the mood-board I was able to make a decision on the colours and ambiance I would capture in the logo.

The use of burgundy symbolizes ambition, wealth, and power. This colour embodies all that Black women in the law field are. The mark is simple and balanced. It serves as a monogram. Placed horizontally it illustrates the letter “W” for “Women.” Placed vertically, it transforms into a “B” for “Black.” The interwoven curves are reminiscent of the grace, sophistication.

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