Unique Jewellery Branding

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Leigh Jewellery is a small business that is passionate about making beautiful and unique jewellery pieces.

Inspired by the boldness in allowing oneself to be understated, Leigh Jewellery finds the intersection between peculiarity and classic simplicity. This mission is what we aimed to capture in this visual identity. I began with a mood-board to start to envision how to capture the idiosyncrasies of the brand in a system of colours, symbols, and imagery.

The client was drawn to contrast. Visuals that lean into the interplay between dark and light, big and small, bold and understated, symmetry and asymmetry, were our focus. We began to create things with odd proportions but ensured that order still existed. The resulting visuals are below.

To harmonize with the logo, tissue paper, business cards, and stickers for packaging were designed. The ask was for a set that is subtle and minimalist.

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