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Beauty in Simplicity

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Branding that embodies music and culture.

Edition Elel Enanga wordmark in white overlaid a woman touching her face.

In this project, we worked with a brand called Edition Elel Enanga which aims to authentically inspire and educate individuals on musical artistry and ritual, perpetuating the legacy of lesser-known cultures.

The mark takes the letter E from TRÜF Creative's world-famous Type Design '19 series and simplifies it into a symbol that represents Edition Elel Enanga's brand.

Edition Elel Enanga logo and wordmark in black on a white background.

To bolster the logo, we created a sophisticated brand. Each brand colour embodies a core value of the company. We curated a mission statement and created visuals to represent the core values that were communicated by the client. Throughout the entire design, we incorporated a TRÜF-inspired graphic language with sweeping curves and moments of bold contrast in shapes and line weights. Many shapes reminiscent of TRÜF's letterforms and graphic experiments can be noticed throughout the brand.

Edition Elel Enanga brand book pages spread over a table.
Edition Elel Enanga logo and colour spread.

The design of the wordmark is beautifully simple yet bespoke.

Edition Elel Enanga wordmark in purple on cardstock.

To partner with this branding, we designed collateral. Some pieces incorporate the logo, while others included custom design elements that complement the brand.

Brand book cover rendering
Edition Elel Enanga business card in burgundy.

Have a design in mind that you want to see brought to life? We specialize in all things beautiful, send me a message if you're interested in working together.

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