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Visualizing Music

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Branding An Online Singing Course

The Vocalist wordmark.

The Vocalist is an online singing course with a mission to empower its students with the tools to express themselves through music, beautifully, joyfully and skillfully.

Like many of our other projects, we began with a mood board. This exercise was our first attempt at visualizing the words our client was communicating to us. The goal was a bright, summery brand that maintained the classic design style and timelessness that we am committed to in my work.

A mood board with several different polaroid photos of elements that evoke the brand feeling target for the Vocalist.

The client was drawn to clean visuals. She wanted to lean into simple lines without allowing things to get boring. Pops of sunset, ocean, and palm tree colours were a significant ask.

The logo is symbolic of all that The Vocalist is: relevant, current, fun, and bright. The brand is informative and sophisticated, and our job was to make these positive attributes sing through exceptional visual design. This visual exists at the intersection of convivial and refined. It nods to Art Deco while maintaining a contemporary ambiance, making for a beautiful mark.

The vocalist wordmark imprinted on black cardstock in gold.
The Vocalist wordmark in white on a black background.

A logo is never complete without an identity to pair with it. We created a bespoke brand book that outlines The Vocalist's West-coast colour palette, jazzy font, and design elements. The brand book works as a guideline for anyone who creates for the brand. This ensures consistency in the visual identity.

The vocalist brand book font and colour spread palette.

The identity was applied to an extensive digital collateral set. We designed bespoke social media graphics, motion graphic templates, video thumbnails, advertisements and more.

The vocalist website rendered on four iphone screens.

The site design below was done by yours truly.

The Vocalist website rendering done on a MacBook.

Would you like us to create a visual identity that sings for you next? Do not hesitate to reach out, and we can get started on bringing your vision to life!

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