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An Essential Guide to Rebranding

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Has your business outgrown its visual identity? The itch to rebrand often stems from a lovely place. When a business has evolved beyond its previous identity, a visual refresh can ensure that your aesthetics is a great ambassador of your brand. Rebranding offers a great opportunity to strengthen your businesses' presence and image in the eyes of your customers. With all of the benefits aside, it is essential to note that rebranding can be effort-intensive, so you need to be deliberate about the why and the how before you begin. In this article, we will spill all of our insider tips to equip you with the strategy and tactics you need to rebrand successfully.

Deciding to Rebrand

The decision to rebrand does introduce some risks and costs. Although rebranding can be done to varying degrees and doesn’t need to involve a complete brand overhaul, you will need to make meaningful changes to build a new brand identity when you rebrand. The right rebranding strategy can put new energy into your business, but it needs to complement your overall business strategy and marketing strategy. Consider the following points and assess carefully whether a rebrand is proper for you and whether this is the right time to rebrand your business.

  • You should rebrand if your brand is not unique and bespoke in your field.

  • You should rebrand if your visuals are outdated.

  • You should rebrand if you've outgrown your original mission.

  • You should rebrand if you have an unfavourable reputation you'd like to leave behind.

  • You should rebrand if your business has scaled substantially.

  • You should not rebrand if you are unwilling to fully commit to the change by updating all of your assets across all virtual and physical spaces.

  • You should not rebrand if you are bored with your aesthetic, but nothing is actually off about it.

Strategizing A Rebrand

Once you have analyzed the why and decided that a rebrand is the correct step to take, commencing the process with a meticulous strategy will reduce stress and increase effectiveness. Below is a step-by-step process developed from extensive experience with assisting businesses with their rebrands.

  1. Solidify your brand's core values.

  2. Make a list of things to maintain and discard from your current brand.

  3. Envision a holistic identity and vibe through mood boarding and writing.

  4. Become knowledgable about your audience, the market, and your competition.

  5. Hire someone whose design resonates with your brand to bring your vision to life.

  6. Minimize the risk of customer confusion through a carefully planned (and exciting) launch that showcases the story behind the rebrand.

Our core values include designing towards timelessness, sophistication, and uniqueness. We build brands that will stand the test of time and will feel true to you. If you are ready to get started on your rebranding process, reach out. Let's create something beautifully bespoke together!

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