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Choosing the Correct Designer for Your Branding Project

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Choosing to work with a designer can feel daunting. It isn't easy to know where to start looking or which designer will be a lovely fit for you and your brand. Choosing well will enhance the exciting process of launching your new brand. The insights in this post will support your journey to finding and hiring the right designer.

Step 1 | Define Your Intentions

Before beginning the search for a designer to visualize and illustrate your brand's story, that story must exist. Taking the time to define your values intentionally and the vision you have for your business will clarify your branding process. It may be helpful to ask yourself what you hope to achieve through your brand design/redesign process. Are you hoping to reach different clientele? Are you looking to have investors contribute to your startup? Do you want to get your product into boutiques and stores? Be clear in defining your goals for your brand. This will ultimately steer your branding direction, as your designer will carefully craft a brand for your business that is geared toward reaching that goal.

Step 2 | Determine Your Budget

Calculating how much you have available to invest in your brand will begin to direct what designers you would fit well with. As you determine your budget, consider the value of investing in your visual branding. Well done branding will undoubtedly help you gain priceless trust, credibility, and brand recognition with your customers. This is a valuable investment, but it is also essential that you are comfortable with how much you will be spending. If you are new to the design market, it may be tricky to know what standard rates are. The following numbers can hopefully begin to clarify how much it usually costs to get a logo and simple brand identity done (for example):

With a more modest budget (<$600), look for students and new designers working on building their portfolios. Freelancers and small design boutiques often fall within $600-5000. Design firms have a higher price point beginning at $5000+.

Step 3 | Search For Designers

Search on Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, or Google using keywords related to the type of work and design style you’re looking for. Try to spot website portfolios, or Instagram accounts for the artists that align with the design inspirations you love the most. It is so important to approach designers whose work reflects the style you're looking for. Often the root cause of discontentment with a brand identity is picking the wrong designer. Selecting designers whose portfolios reflect a style that resonates will significantly reduce the chance of dissatisfaction later. For example, if you prefer a minimalist and clean look, it is unwise to work with someone who leans towards a busy and wild aesthetic in their past works.

Step 4 | Reach Out

Once you have found one or more designers interested in working with you, it is good to contact them and inquire about your project. Tell them some details about your business and your primary goals. Most designers can provide a quote after learning more about your project through email or an initial consultation.

In the process of communicating with a designer, you're interested in working with, take note of how well you connect and their professionalism. To experience a joyful branding process, you and your designer must have chemistry and know what they do. This fit should feel right to you.

Step 5 | Begin The Process

Hopefully, after communicating with the designers you are interested in, you will decide on which designer to move forward with. Once you have made your choice, let your designer know, and they will carry you through the next steps. If things do not feel professional, it is best to find someone else-- but, more than likely, your designer of choice will send you everything you need from day one and will guide you through the whole process seamlessly.

Are you drawn to sophisticated, timeless, and clean design? Reach out! We would love to work with you on your brand.

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