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Bespoke & timeless design for sophisticated brands.

We observe form, texture and colour. We notice details, examine fit and function, and we're sensitive to harmony or lack thereof. Our visual imaginations have been thoroughly trained through years of design education and experience. We are creative thinkers, and we are committed to collaborating with you on the visual presentation of your brand.

Allow us to assist you in telling your story visually.


01 | brand identity design

Comprehensive brand design including a logo usage guide, colour palette, voice strategy, fonts, and more for a cohesive identity.

02 | content creation

Graphic, photo, and video content to elevate your brand’s presence on and offline. We offer collateral design à la carte from business cards to social media templates and everything in between.

03 | consulting

Detailed strategy and design advice rooted in experience and education.

04 | storefront & commercial interior design

Your signage, window decals, floorplan layout, furnishings and materiality, chosen and crafted with intention.

Tosin Odugbemi


founder & lead designer

7 years of design experience

BA Environmental Design '20, UBC

Master in Architecture '24, Harvard

Anjay Seabrook


design assistant & brand analyst

5 years of design experience

3 years of digital marketing experience

BA PoliSci & Economics '21, UBC



multimedia producer

9 years of music production experience

Dipl. Audio Engineering &

Music Production '16, SAE

“Tosin has the impressive ability to bring together seemingly distant concepts into an artistic theme that corresponds in every way to her clients’ vision while opening them up to new possibilities. In addition to being refined and technically competent, I have found Tosin to be particularly patient and generous during our first collaboration. She makes the design accessible and comprehensible. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again and I highly recommend her.”

- Olivia

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