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Atelier Oluwatosin wordmark logo in beige
Bespoke & timeless design for sophisticated brands.

01 | branding

Strategically informed brand design, including a logo usage guide, colour palette, voice strategy, fonts, and custom collateral for a cohesive identity.

02 | campaign

Design for a specific campaign your business is organizing.

Campaign visual identity design, animations, print collateral, and digital collateral.

03 | commercial architectural design

Spatial design for branded physical locations.

Retail experiences, storefronts, lobbies, pop-ups and corporate workspaces.

04 | consulting

Detailed strategy and design advice rooted in experience and education.

featured clients & partners
Tosin Odugbemi


founder & lead designer

9 years of design experience

BA Environmental Design, UBC

Master of Architecture, Harvard GSD

Anjay Seabrook, Atelier Oluwatosin designer


design assistant & brand analyst

7 years of design experience

5 years of digital marketing experience

BA PoliSci & Economics, UBC

Caden Ahmad, Atelier Oluwatosin filmmaker



9 years of video production experience

BA Visual Media Arts, Emerson

Jacob Hoskins, Ateleir Oluwaotisn music producer


music producer

11 years of music production experience

Dipl. Audio Engineering & Music Production, SAE

“Tosin has the impressive ability to bring together seemingly distant concepts into an artistic theme that corresponds in every way to her clients’ vision while opening them up to new possibilities. In addition to being refined and technically competent, I have found Tosin to be particularly patient and generous during our first collaboration. She makes the design accessible and comprehensible. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again and I highly recommend her.”

- Olivia

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