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pricing & policies
  • process
    Branding is about knowing what connects with your target audience, authentically speaking to who they are, and genuinely gaining their trust and loyalty. Our design process is structured to create something visually beautiful and help you clarify and strengthen your brand vision and foundation. This holistic approach will capture the ambiance of your brand story; then, we will work together to curate this vibe into a succinct and successful set of visuals that reads as a love letter to your ideal customer. Each phase informs the next, and the initial project intentions and deliverables may shift as we learn and uncover together. 01 | research A series of conversations with your c-suite, staff, and customers on how they view the business. Social listening will also be used to supplement the learnings from direct interactions. The goal is to establish a baseline of how your business’s internal and external opinions compare to the intended brand perception. These studies will validate assumptions and reveal discrepancies, giving us facts to base our work upon. 02 | discovery During this stage, we will ask you, the project manager, questions about project goals and aesthetic vision. The intention here is to align and build a strategy. The discovery stage sometimes coincides with research dependent on the project scope. 03 | creation Once we have a clear direction, we will start creating the heart of your project. The designs we make in the creation stage will be specifically chosen and shaped to move the brand in the direction needed, as informed by the research and discovery phases. In branding, this is often logo design and a guidelines document. We will likely send concepts for your feedback at a “sketch” resolution for each deliverable. Once we land on a visual direction you love. 04 | implementation We assist with successfully launching your new image into the market through creative touchpoints that drive consumer connection and passion. In the implementation stage, we work towards agreed-upon deliverables, including communications design, packaging design, retail experience design, UI kit development, on-product branding, website design, digital product visual design and corporate workspace design. 05 | advising At Atelier Oluwatosin, we see ourselves as partners in our client’s businesses for the duration you work with us. The branding process is a beautiful beginning of an identity that should be carefully tended to. We support this through employee engagement, transformation leadership coaching for executives, and in-house designer training.
  • pricing
    Our pricing is specific to each project. Once we get a sense of the nature of the project, we will provide you with a custom proposal that serves as an estimate for the investment you’ll be making in your brand. Please note that our projects are performed in phases, and though we work to ensure we stay on budget, the pricing may shift throughout the project if the agree-upon scope is adjusted. Each quote is valid for 30 days, unless stated otherwise. Below are our starting prices for common work. 00 | initial consultation | free We offer a complimentary initial consultation so we can talk ideas about your ideas and determine if working together will be a great fit. In this call, we will often workshop business goals and return with a plan for what we will create to get you there or specific recommendations for professionals in our network if our services aren’t aligned with your needs. 01 | design consulting | $300 per hour A detailed review of your current visual presence. We will dive into your existing branding elements, your website, your social media, and more. We will advise on what can be shifted to better tell your story. Written notes on what we covered and implementable next steps will be delivered to you after this meeting. 02 | elementary visual brand identity design | starting at $5,000 Perfect for boutique businesses, this simple suite will include a logo design paired with a 6-10 page brand booklet. We will conduct essential preliminary research to complete this work. Your logo will come in different colours that are in line with your brand values. You will receive a logo delivery package with vector and image files for every application. 03 | comprehensive branding suite | starting at $15,000 Ideal for a business that is anticipated to scale, or for medium-to-large enterprises undergoing a transformation, this comprehensive suite includes a logo design and a full brand bible grounded in strategy, experience, and a thoughtful process. We will create a custom set of deliverables to add onto the initial branding work to suite your project‘s needs. 04 | campaign | starting at $1,000 Design for a specific campaign your business is organizing. Our available products include, but are not limited to, campaign visual identity design, animations, print collateral, and digital collateral. 08 | commercial architectural design | starting at $25, 000 Spatial design for branded physical locations. Our available products include, but are not limited to, retail experiences, storefronts, lobbies, pop-ups and corporate workspaces. This service must be booked in conjunction with visual identity design or a branding suite. Exceptions will be made for businesses that already have a professional and strategically informed brand identity in place. 09 | website design | starting at $7,000 Sophisticated website design prototyped and developed to be hosted on your preferred platform. This service must be booked in conjunction with visual identity design or a branding suite. Exceptions will be made for businesses that already have a professional and strategically informed brand identity in place. We typically require a deposit of 50% on the quoted price prior to the project commencement unless we have agreed on a bespoke payment plan.
  • price transparency
    We believe our clients have the right to know why we price our services how we do. And there is no doubt that brand design is an investment. Below, we have broken down why brand design done by a professional studio is expensive and why our higher-end pricing is actually good news for your business. 01 | design has value Strategic design makes a significant impact on your business. At Atelier Oluwatosin, we work with you to segment your brand’s market, target select customer segments with visuals tailored to their preferences, and empower you with the assets needed to position your brand in the marketplace according to your desires and expectations. Working with a visual brand strategist is a significant investment in your business because of the value it brings to your brand and the results it can help you achieve. Design can be used to solve problems and pain points beautifully. And if you ask us, that is priceless. 02 | we bring specialized education, experience and expertise to your project Our team is populated with individuals trained at top universities like Harvard, MIT, and the University of British Columbia, and SAE in design, marketing, psychology, economics, and media. Our studies empower us to make wise and well-researched decisions that get us results. Our designs are not only pretty and artful, but they have meaning, soul and intention. And after working with over 50 brands, we have insider knowledge that we can use to move you towards your goals. We are committed to constant growth and curiosity. We invest back into ourselves, our work, and the Atelier by taking courses, reading books, working with mentors and coaches, and dedicating time to practice and develop our skills. We are constantly levelling up and applying those improvements just to our work, processes, and clients. Every project we work on and every hour we spend learning gets factored into future projects. This is why prices increase over time. Growth generally means our expertise is sharpened, and our services are worth more. Lastly, we have a vibe that most likely resonates with you if you’ve gotten as far as reading this page. When you hire a designer, you’re not only expecting them to have a basic understanding of the technical side of design but choosing someone based on their specific style, creative point of view and alignment to your aesthetic preferences. We have worked hard to cultivate our timeless, minimalist, luxurious, and slightly eccentric look. Creativity is deeply valuable, and when layered with marketing techniques, colour theory, design principles, psychology, behavioural economics, and strategic thinking, it becomes clear why our rates start where they are. 03 | we like to take our time & do things right the first time Our pricing takes the risk off of you and allows us to own it. We’ve structured our fees to enable us to put in hours of research, ideating, experimentation, and revising before we come to you with a concept presentation without letting our profits dip into the negatives. You can rest in the fact that we won’t bill you hourly for our typical design suites, and we’ll do whatever it takes – and put in as many behind-the-scenes hours as it takes – to fulfill the project scope and execute it well. We avoid add on fees and revision costs, but sometimes they are necessary. Our pricing structure means we hardly ever need to go there. 04 | we have expenses We use top tools to execute impeccable quality in all our visuals. We pay our team generously because we believe creatives deserve a fair income. We also pay for licenses, contracts, and lawyer fees to keep everything legal. And, we must subscribe to a lot of paid services to do our jobs. Here are some of the subscriptions that cost us money: Adobe Creative Cloud 3D modelling and rendering software Cloud storage to back up the work we do for you Client management software Bookkeeping services Email marketing software Website and domain hosting Our studio expenses add to a significant investment that we factor into our pricing to keep the Atelier sustained. 05 | we provide a luxury experience From the most mundane parts of working together, like contracts and invoicing, to the exciting delivery of our first concept presentation, we promise everything we send you will be beautiful. This professionalism and intentionality set us apart from other boutique studios. When we work with you, we render, mood board, collect imagery, and compose a vibe around your brand through each step of the process. We see our collaborations as a world-building exercise, and from our previous clients, we know that can feel absolutely surreal. At the Atelier, we take on few clients at once so we can fully dive into your story and partner with you in making your project a delightful experience. All of this is to say that we know we are expensive, but that’s good news. Our pricing reflects our experience and the value you will get. And through our transparency, we hope to show you the honesty and ethics that go into our pricing decisions so that when you read our quote, you know your investment will be worth every penny. If your business is not yet where you can afford our fully customized services, we have numerous resources in our ecosystem to support you. We can work with you on consultation calls, you can shop our toolkits and guide books, or you can subscribe to our mailing list to get complimentary resources delivered to your inbox monthly.
  • deliverables
    Below we have listed what is included in common file delivery packages for our branding projects. 01 | elementary visual brand identity design A logo design. Visual brand strategy consulting via email. 1-hour design consultation. Foundational research conducted and imbued in the visual brand. A zip folder with your logo in vector and raster file types exported in all brand colours. A Logo Guide PDF that describes what each file type should be used for. A 6-10 page PDF outlining your logo lockups, colours, fonts, and where to use them. A 1-page Style Sheet outlining the colours and fonts chosen for your brand. 02 | comprehensive branding suite A logo design. Visual brand strategy consulting via email. 2-hour design consultation. Extensive research conducted and imbued in the visual brand. A zip folder with your logo in vector and raster file types exported in all brand colours. A Logo Guide PDF that describes what each file type should be used for. A 40+ page PDF called a brand bible. This document outlines your logo lockups, colours, fonts, and where to use them. There are also sections that describe your voice, visual tone, and more in detail. A 1-page Style Sheet outlining the colours and fonts chosen for your brand.
  • timelines
    Like pricing, timelines are specific to each project. Depending on the current work we have ongoing at the Atelier and the nature of the project, we will estimate a how long it will take for us to deliver final files to you. Below we have listed a general estimate based on past work we have done of the same nature. 01 | research & discovery approximately 2 to 6 weeks 02 | logo design approximately 4 weeks 03 | brand booklet approximately 2 weeks 04 | brand bible approximately 4 weeks 05 | print collateral starting at 2 weeks 06 | digital collateral starting at 2 weeks 07 | commercial architectural design starting at 10 weeks 07 | website design approximately 6 weeks The time estimates above refer to how long the actual design will take once we have started your project. It is possible and likely that we may be working through a number of different projects at the time that you reach out. In this case, you may be placed on a wait list and we will start your project at the earliest possibility. If you would like your project done quicker than the timeline given, it may require that we work outside of studio hours or bump your project ahead of someone else’s. A situation like this will incur a rush fee, which will be a surcharge of 10-30% of the initial price, depending on how abbreviated the timeline will be.
  • revision practices
    All of our service prices include two rounds of revisions. This allows for a bit of back and forth, ensuring the design meets your project goals and delights you. If you require more than two rounds, a fee will be added to your final invoice for each extra revision requested. This fee will be billed hourly at our $150/hour rate. One ‘round’ involves us interpreting your feedback and making changes to create a revised version of that deliverable. Revision rounds are for modifications only; they do not include creating an entirely new concept or design. A project reset is a significant change in direction, which constitutes brand new concepts. In this situation, we will restart the project, and the original pricing will be reapplied. You can rest in the fact that we do detailed discovery and process work before we begin designing so that you can have security in the design direction before finals are delivered to you.
  • communication practices
    We are committed to frequent communication with our clients. We will update you each step of the way and ask for feedback often. You can expect to hear from us at least once a week (or often more) if we are currently working through a project together. We will reply to emails during the work week. Our preferred method of communication is through email. Once we send an email asking for feedback, please respond within one week from the day the email has been sent. If over a week passes and we have not heard anything, your project will be put on hold, and we will return to it when our schedule permits. Depending on the brevity of your project, we may expect responses quicker than this rhythm. Please respect the feedback deadlines in email messages to keep your project running on time. If the project is at completion, we will forward a final invoice after over a week without hearing from you. There is also an option for you to book phone calls or video calls with us. These calls aim to check in and clarify our project or workshop decisions. If you would like a more extended consultation to discuss brand strategies in detail, we can talk about booking a design consultation.
  • file storage practices
    After project completion, we will store your files for 3 months. After this, we are no longer liable to maintain the project archives. We always encourage you to maintain your own backups and are not responsible for the expenses associated with lost files. If you would like your files stored longer than 3 months, it will be a recurring investment of $7/month to cover cloud storage costs.
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