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Branding is about knowing what connects with your target audience, authentically speaking to who they are, and genuinely gaining their trust and loyalty. My visual branding process is designed to not only create a beautiful visual identity, but also help you clarify your brand vision and strengthen your brand’s foundation. This holistic approach will capture the ambiance of who you are as a person, and what your brand’s values are. We will curate this ambiance into a succinct and successful brand identity. 01 | discovery During this stage I will ask you lots of questions, perhaps asking for examples of visuals you like and don’t like. The intention here is to align. I want to understand your style and goals as much as possible before creating. 02 | creation Once I have a solid sense of the direction we are headed, I will start designing. I will likely send you some concepts along the way to get your feedback. Once we land on a visual you love, I will refine it to flawlessness. 03 | implementation After finalizing a design, we will begin to apply it to your brand. Depending on the services that we have discussed, this may include creating collateral, delivering a brand book, or more. This stage will involve attention to detail and impeccable consistency.


My pricing is specific to each project. Once I get a sense of what exactly you will be needing and the nature of the project, I will provide you with a custom quote that serves as an estimate for the investment you’ll be making in your brand. Below I have listed my starting prices for common deliverables. 00 | initial consultation | free I offer a free consultation so we can talk ideas about your ideas, and determine if working together will be a great fit. 01 | logo update | $300 This is for those who have an existing logo that hasn’t aged well. Perhaps the fonts or the overall look needs an upgrade. You don’t need new concepts, but instead a more curated look. Maybe you have your logo sketched out exactly how you want it, but just need it digitized. 02 | logo design | $500 This includes brand new conceptual designs that are bespoke and professional. Your logo will come in different colours and file formats that are in line with your brand values. 03 | brand book | $200 The brand book is a set of guidelines that explains your logo, your colours, your fonts and more. The booklet delves into where and why to use these elements. Having a brand book ensures that everything you put out is cohesive. To complete the brand book, I do extensive research on your market. 04 | print collateral | $50 per page My graphic design services include, but are not limited to: business cards, signage, presentations, menus, letterheads, posters, stickers, packaging, and other marketing materials. 05 | digital collateral | $50 per post This is for things like an animation for your Instagram story, a beautiful graphic for your feed, a digital poster, or anything else that will be viewed on a screen. 06 | website design | $1,500 There are different options for web design. In one scenario, I can do your layout and visuals, and collaborate with a web developer who can code and handle the technical. This is perfect for a very elaborate or complex site. If you envision simplicity, I can design a website for you from scratch via Wix. 07 | commercial interior design | starting at $6,000+ The scope of this work can vary greatly and will be adjusted to your needs. My architecture training gives me the technical knowledge to be as involved in your physical storefront as you need me to be. I am able work with an engineer to draw a floorplan for your storefront that will be functional and have a wonderful flow. If your space is already built, I can work with you on selecting and installing beautiful furniture and fixtures. For this option, I will need to perform site visits to your physical store to effectively style the space.


My timelines are specific to each project. Once I get a sense of what exactly you will be needing and the nature of the project, I will be able to estimate a better timeline on how long it will take for me to deliver the final files to you. This also will vary depending on how many other projects I am working on at that time. Below I have listed a general estimate based on past work I have done of the same nature. 01 | logo update approximately 1 week 02 | logo design approximately 2 weeks 03 | brand book approximately 1 week 04 | print collateral approximately 2 weeks 05 | digital collateral approximately 1 week 06 | website design approximately 4 weeks 07 | commercial interior design approximately 6 weeks + The time estimates above refer to how long the actual design will take me once I have started your project. It is possible and likely that I may be working through a number of different projects at the time that we start working together. In this case, you may be placed on a waitlist and I will start your project at the earliest possibility. If I currently have a waitlist I will let you know. If you would like your project done quicker than the timeline I have given you, it may require that I work outside of my regular hours or bump your project ahead of someone else’s. A situation like this will incur a rush fee, which will be a surcharge of 10% of the initial price.

revision practices

All of my service prices include two rounds of revisions. This allows for a little bit of back and forth to ensure that you are in love with every aspect of your design. If you require more than two rounds, I will begin to charge hourly. This will be an investment of $30/hour. One ‘round’ involves me interpreting all of your feedback and making changes to create a revised version of that deliverable. Revision rounds are for modifications only, they do not include creating an entirely new concept or design.

communication practices

I am committed to frequent communication with my clients. I will update you each step of the way and ask for feedback often. You can expect to hear from me at least once a week (or often more) if we currently are working through a project together. I will reply emails and pick up phone calls during the week. My preferred method of communication is through email. Once I send an email asking for feedback, please respond within a week from the day the email has been sent. If over a week passes and I have not heard anything, your project will be put on hold and I will return to it when my schedule permits. If the project was at completion I will forward a final invoice. There is also an option for you to book phone calls or video calls with me. When booking a call, you can expect a 30-minute window of time. The purpose of these calls is just to check in and clarify our project. If you would like a longer consultation to discuss brand strategies in detail, this will be a $30/hour investment.

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