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Inclusion, Cessation, Reflection, Function

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Branding a Queer BIPOC Skincare Company

The Althea Branton Logo and wordmark.

Althea Branton is a skincare brand on a mission to aid Black & Brown skin to thrive in all its glamour.

This project began with a colour study. The client wanted a brand that embodied inclusivity, diversity, and fluidity. The colour study and mood board serve as a method of externalizing the client’s vision.

The Althea Branton colour palette options.

Once we landed on colours, we developed a mark. The design features sweeping lines embodying a timeless and clean logo, applicable across various mediums.

The Althea Branton logo in black, purple, red, and salmon pink.

The logo is an expression of the Althea Branton brand — timeless and infinite. It represents a range of intersectional experiences.

From the logo, we developed a brand identity system. A focus for this client was the language used in her brand. We poured a bit of extra love into the section about brand voice, but of course did not fail to outline the curated colour palette, bold font, and other visual design elements.

In designing this brand, we were intentional about curating a mark that would look great across the most likely applications. We wanted to ensure the brand would lend itself well to packaging design as well as online applications. The result was something quite simple-- an understated beauty.

Are you interested in creating a brand identity that represents all that you are? Reach out and let's bring your vision to life.

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