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The Anatomy of a Logo

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

A logo ought to be memorable, legible, original, and beautiful. To fulfill these ambitions, a great deal of care and intentionality must go into their design. This article will summarize the logo design process we undergo at the Atelier.

Atelier Oluwatosin AO logo monogram broken down to analyze typography and design choices. The Anatomy of a Logo.

For the creative work that goes into a logo design, it is crucial to be immersed in the ambiance of the brand you have begun to form. When designing for our clients, we have our mood board in front of us. We note specific words that we would like to encapsulate. We play the music that aligns with the atmosphere we would like your brand to create. Then we begin to sketch on paper withholding judgment. These are not yet clean on beautiful but simply thoughts expressed through illustration.

As we begin to sketch more, we inevitably begin to see shapes that are interesting to us. Sometimes it takes hours or days to get to something visually appealing, but with patience and persistence, it always happens. Then, we clean the drawing up and work out the details on paper. This sketch can be scanned into the computer and opened in Adobe Illustrator, where we recreate and refine the sketch into a clean and professional logo design.

Sometimes, for monograms like our logo (broken down above), we skip the sketching and dive straight into Illustrator, typing the brand name in many different fonts that encapsulate the vibe we are targeting. Then, we start to alter the fonts by outlining the text and manipulating each letter's shapes, spacing and details. The result is a bespoke wordmark or monogram based on a font we can use within the company's overall branding.

Whatever the process, we ensure each design decision is made with intention and aligns with the purpose and positioning of the brand. This is why we begin all of our projects with strategic planning to clarify what associations and atmosphere we are designing towards.

For a behind-the-scenes breakdown of our entire branding process, you can shop our e-book and toolkit, "The Essential Guide to Visual Branding."

For more information about working with us, reach out at or read about our branding services here.

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