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Residential Development Marketing

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Lauryn Development group logo overlaid of a photo of Houston.

In this project, we worked with a real estate development group to create a timeless logo and a set of marketing materials for their new project in Houston, Texas.

The result of the logo is a visual representation of their business philosophy of Kaizen: constant improvement and positive change. The colours, font, and mark were are carefully designed and chosen in order to convey a responsible brand.

The Lauryn Development Group logo rendered onto the spine of a book.

In addition to this logo, we assisted in 3D modelling sample homes and building photorealistic renders from these models. We used the new brand identity and renderings to create marketing packages and proposals.

A welcome brochure outlining the process of building a home with Lauryn Development Group.
Rendering of a three story house.
Rendering of a man standing in a living room of a Lauryn Development Group built home.

Are you looking to get a rendering done? Maybe you need a brand identity or a layout. Our expertise is all things beautiful, so do not hesitate to reach out.

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