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Minimalist Flower Shop Branding

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

A box with the Al Frache logo on it.

Al Frache's is a local Calgary floral boutique. The ask for this project was to create a sophisticated and minimalist brand identity with clean lines.

The visual identity we created for Al Frache's Flowers is crisp and minimalist. It has a luxurious feel but does not enter the realm of being haughty. There is no indication of superfluous decoration or unneeded ornament in Al Frache’s branding. The simple lines do not distract and let the flowers do the talking. In this project, we created a logo, designed their storefront, and created prints and packaging for their product. We delivered a brand book that included bespoke marketing advice and tone.

Al Frache's Flowers business card.

Our signage concept was simple. We opted for a gold window decal of the logo and business name.

The Al Frache's Flowers logo as a glass decal.

Peruse our packaging, ribboning, and card designs in the day-to-day paired with beautiful florals captured by our client.

Lastly, take a peek into the branding guidelines booklet that we created for this client.

Would you like a beautiful, custom identity created for your brand next? Reach out to us. Let's get creative.

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