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Why is branding so expensive?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

We believe our clients have the right to know why we price our services how we do. And there is no doubt that brand design is an investment. Below, we have broken down why brand design done by a professional studio is expensive and why our higher-end pricing is actually good news for your business.

01 | Design has value.

Strategic design makes a significant impact on your business. At Atelier Oluwatosin, we work with you to segment your brand’s market, target select customer segments with visuals tailored to their preferences, and empower you with the assets needed to position your brand in the marketplace according to your desires and expectations. Working with a visual brand strategist is a significant investment in your business because of the value it brings to your brand and the results it can help you achieve. Design can be used to solve problems and pain points beautifully. And if you ask us, that is priceless.

02 | We bring specialized education, experience and expertise to your project.

Our team is populated with individuals trained at top universities like Harvard, MIT, and the University of British Columbia in design, marketing, psychology, and economics. Our studies empower us to make wise and well-researched decisions that get us results. Our designs are not only pretty and artful, but they have meaning, soul and intention. And after working with over 50 brands, we have insider knowledge that we can use to move you towards your goals through design.

We are committed to constant growth and curiosity. We invest back into ourselves, our work, and the Atelier by taking courses, reading books, working with mentors and coaches, and dedicating time to practice and develop our skills. We are constantly levelling up and applying those improvements just to our work, processes, and clients. Every project we work on and every hour we spend learning gets factored into future projects. This is why prices increase over time. Growth generally means our expertise is sharpened, and our services are worth more.

Lastly, we have a vibe that most likely resonates with you if you’ve gotten as far as reading this page. When you hire a designer, you’re not only expecting them to have a basic understanding of the technical side of design but choosing someone based on their specific style, creative point of view and alignment to your aesthetic preferences. We have worked hard to cultivate our timeless, minimalist, luxurious, and slightly eccentric look. Creativity is deeply valuable, and when layered with marketing techniques, colour theory, design principles, behavioural economics, and strategic thinking, it becomes clear why our rates start where they are.

03 | We like to take our time and do things right the first time.

Our pricing takes the risk off of you and allows us to own it. We’ve structured our fees to enable us to put in hours of research, ideating, experimentation, and revising before we come to you with a concept presentation without letting our profits dip into the negatives. You can rest in the fact that we won’t bill you hourly for our typical design suites, and we’ll do whatever it takes – and put in as many behind-the-scenes hours as it takes – to fulfill the project scope and execute it well.

04 | We have expenses.

We use top tools to execute impeccable quality in all our visuals. We pay our team generously because we believe creatives deserve a fair income. We also pay for licenses, contracts, and lawyer fees to keep everything legal. And, we must subscribe to a lot of paid services to do our jobs. Here are some of the subscriptions that cost us money:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • 3D modelling and rendering software

  • Client management software

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Email marketing software

  • Website and domain hosting

  • Cloud storage to back up the work we do for you

Our studio expenses add to a significant investment that we factor into our pricing to keep the Atelier sustained.

05 | We provide a luxury experience.

From the most mundane parts of working together, like contracts and invoicing, to the exciting delivery of our first concept presentation, we promise everything we send you will be beautiful. This professionalism and intentionality set us apart from other boutique studios. When we work with you, we render, mood board, collect imagery, and compose a vibe around your brand through each step of the process. We see our collaborations as a world-building exercise, and from our previous clients, we know that can feel absolutely surreal. At the Atelier, we take on few clients at once so we can fully dive into your story and partner with you in making your project a delightful experience.

All of this is to say that we know we are expensive, but that’s good news. Our pricing reflects our experience and the value you will get. And through our transparency, we hope to show you the honesty and ethics that go into our pricing decisions so that when you read our quote, you know your investment will be worth every penny.

If your business is not yet where you can afford our fully customized services, we have numerous resources in our ecosystem to support you. We can work with you on consultation calls, you can shop our toolkits and guide books, or you can subscribe to your mailing list below to get complimentary resources delivered to your inbox monthly.

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