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Our Process Creating A Brand & Space for A Medical Practice

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

For the branding of Amaris Medical Centre, a sophisticated, minimalist, pragmatic design was requested. We designed a logo for this clinic and were able to apply it to vastly different applications: from stamps to storefront signage. We were also able to consult on the interior design and layout of the clinic space, creating a clinic that suits the client's needs and positions them as luxury healthcare providers to accommodate for cosmetic and elective services offered.

In this video, the lead designer on the project, Tosin, highlights some of the decisions that went into the design of the space. After watching, browse through images of the signage design, print collateral, website design and visual brand identity created.

A rendering of Amaris Medical Centre. The building is black with silver lettering and signage.
An exterior shot of Amaris Medical Clinic. The building is black with white letters and signage.
A rendering of two Amaris Medical Centre business cards.
An Amaris Medical Centre stamp.

Project Credits

Brand Identity Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Storefront Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Website Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Engineering Consultants: Dhunna Associates Inc.

Atelier Oluwatosin Team: Tosin Odugbemi

Typeface: Didot by Adrian Frutiger

Would you like us to create a functional and sophisticated space or visual identity for your business next? Send us a message. We would love to chat.

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