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Elevating Your Space With No Budget

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

It is so essential that the places where we spend so much of our time are beautiful and inspiring. In 2020, I spent a year of quarantine and social distancing with my parents which placed me back in my childhood bedroom for an extended period of time. I knew it would be essential for me to be able to feel at home and creative in this space. I went through a process of elevating my childhood bedroom from an aesthetic I had outgrown to a look that I lovewithout purchasing any new pieces or paying for any renovations.

My Tips

  • Do not undervalue the power of decluttering. Go through your belongings often and be honest with yourself. Do you really need that piece or will someone else be able to get more use out of it?

  • Have a rough system of organization for your furniture. Be intentional about the flow that your placements assert. This will change the energy and opportunities in the space.

  • Organize your closet by colour and use.

  • Be intentional with what is on your counters. Treat your surfaces like a decorative display, that also have a function.

  • Organize your drawers for better functionality and elegance.

  • Incorporate an area to do the things you love (painting, puzzles, yoga…) if you have the space available.

XO, T.

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