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A Thoughtful & Professional Visual Identity

Brand Design for a Healthcare Recruiting Agency

Hoisthope Inc is an Albertan healthcare recruiting agency that serves as a connector for nurses and nursing aides to those that require their services and care.

The project brief was simple for this work: we were asked to create a logo and identity system that would present this new business as respectable, ethical, and kind.

Our response was a simple wordmark paired with a monogram to be used as a submark designed to softly evoke brand authority. Using a classic serif font creates an atmosphere of professionalism, but the swooping and organic lines add warmth. Below the wordmark, the words "Healthcare Recruiting" are written, clarifying the business's purpose. The words below the brand's name are detailed using the iconic symbology of the ECG reading.

The brand identity design is minimalist and modern and communicates that this is a business that belongs in the medical field. Each detail is meaningful and careful.

We carefully selected the colours to engage with specific psychological associations to bolster the brand's intent. We gave guidance on imagery within the identity package. The brand's photography should be honest, natural, and clean.

Project Credits

Brand Strategy: Atelier Oluwatosin

Brand Identity Design: Atelier Oluwatosin

Atelier Oluwatosin Team: Tosin Odugbemi

Do you need a professional and thoughtful visual identity system for your business? Reach out to us at, and let's chat about how we can serve your vision.

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